Rule Induction with Weka Rule Nodes and Yacaree Associator

Rule Induction with Weka Rule Nodes and Yacaree Associator Weka Hot Spot Rules, right click on magnifying glass "View: Weka Node View" The use of the Rule finders requires some configuration and some reading about the settings and some experimentation ———— I used an older example I had from a Kaggle DS. It is just for illustration the values do not make much sense with regards to a sequence. These basic differences Weka HotSpot can deal with strings and numbers and would accept a Target (in your case if you want to differentiate between Errors and Non-Errors). This might potentially handle your duration values. Tertius would work with strings and you could or could not set a class (Target). GeneralizedSequentialPatterns allows to specify a sequencing ID, you might be able to use your data structure with the event_id PredictiveApriori and FilteredAssociator are additional methods; please read about their capabilities I am not an expert in that regard. Yacaree is special in two regards: it does not use the variables with the Var-Name and then the value but just the sequence of values that have to stand for themselves, and it considerers sequences before and after - from a few experiments it might be that it is influenced by the different number of events that might lead to an Error; could be it works best with a fixed set of sequences All this nodes have quite some possibilities to configure them; typically some threshold for confidence (reliability of the rule), some minimum coverage (a rule only applying to a small set might be skipped). Please read about the implications and bring them together with your data. Toy around with them and gain experience.

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