Rules Engine partial matches

I have a list of terms in a field called Lines of Business containing records like:

I’m trying to use the rules engine to return partial matches where the field contains the substring. I’ve tried a few different variations use LIKE and MATCHES and even simple =

For instance
$Lines of Business$ LIKE “?DENTAL?”=> “LikeDental”
$Lines of Business$ LIKE “DENTAL”=> “LikeDental”

It should return “LikeDental” for all the example records, above. However I can only get the exact match to return a result. I seem to be missing something obvious. Any helpful ideas?


the ? sign means 1 character. So as There is no matches in your records (one that has 1 character before and 1 character after “DENTAL”) you get nothing in that case.
You can use * sign which means 0 or more characters to get all the values which contain “DENTAL”.


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Thanks Armin. That did the trick. I thought I had tried that already, but might have not been * with the LIKE operator.

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