Run a workflow with container nodes in batch

Is it possible to execute a workflow with container input and output (table) nodes in batch or through a Python script as it is executed from the Call workflow (table based) node?

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Hi there,
no this is not supported. The Container nodes are designed to be used with KNIME Server REST API.

Unless, would something like the knimepy package (see GitHub - knime/knimepy) fit what is desired?

I will explore if knimepy can address the need.
And thanks, Iris, for your answer.

We at NodePit also have something which goes into this direction as part of a bigger project. I realize that more flexible input/output to these container nodes from a CLI might be of general interest to better automate WFs, so I’d be happy to consider sharing this with the KNIME community in the future.

To be frank: It’s not ready and I will give no definite promise, but once there is news I’ll post here. (or feel free to drop an email)


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Is there a plan to support the Container (variable) in knimepy in the near future?
And thanks for the information for this project at NodePit.


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