run knime from my excel file

Hello guys,
I have an Excel file where I have to make entries, then I have to check these entries.
My question: can I launch knime from an Excel file to perform these treatments and check the entries in knime and display the results in the same Excel file.


I assume you could run vba bash script which in turn runs KNIME but I do not believe that you can work inside the excel file while KNIME should modify it at the same time


thank you for your reply.
I have a user who must make entries on an Excel file, and at the end he clicks on a button to check his entry and display the errors if the entry has not respected certain conditions.
I wanted to do this check with knime but the problem is that the user does not know how to use knime, and he wants to do this on Excel.
That’s why I ask if there is a way for the user to enter on his excel file, and knime turns behind and displays the results to the user on his excel file

You can have a user open the entry excel file from within KNIME. That way they can hit execute after they are finished. I like to embed the excel file in the workflow data file.

You can also build some entry safeguards into an Interactive View for data entry, however, it will require the refresh button for user feedback. Not quite as clean as real time conditional formatting.


Dear mosmel,
Of your description of the task it seems that it is easier to solve it in Excel (VBA, macros or formulas). Running KNIME from Excel sounds like running Ms Word from Notepad.:slight_smile:
Wish you all the best

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