Run several non-connected workflows one by one

A question regarding running several non-connected workflows in KNIME automatically, one by one in the same project window.

I have designed 3 separate workflows and each workflow takes the output of the previous workflow as the input. I have tried to find a way how to connect all 3 workflows, but seems that this is not a trivial task due to various data formats. (e.g. there are some nodes which produce the required output, but they do not have a connection to the next node). So, currently I have to run workflow 1, wait until it is finished. Reload its output into workflow 2 input node. Run workflow 2 and do the same procedure for the workflow 3. Is there an automatic way to tell KNIME to execute workflows 1, 2, and 3 in a specific order? I would very appreciate if someone could suggest a method. Thank you! :slight_smile:


A quick way of achieving this is by using the Batch Executor. But you don’t have a GUI then.


Sorry for potentially asking the obvious: but why do you use 3 different workflows then? What about putting the contents of the 3 different workflows into separate MetaNodes? This would solve all of your problems (like reusing the output of the first workflow (=meta node), waiting until the predecessor workflow (=meta node) is finished, etc.).
Do I miss something here?

Thank you for the fast replies! :slight_smile:
This is actually what I have to do right now --> I use 3 different workflows. Each of them starts with some file reader and finishes with some file writer nodes. In order to put a workflow in a MetaNode one needs to have an input port or an output port or both to be present in the sub-workflow. However, this is not the case. Problem is that some nodes I use in the workflows produce very specific output (e.g. Distance Matrix node), which could be then “digested” only by a specific file writter node, e.g. “Distance matrix writer” (it has only one input port). So in order to continue using the Distance Matrix generated by Distance Matrix node I have to reaload it again in the second worflow manually. Therefore, easy solution with MetaNodes will not work in this case.


Could you tell me "how to make workflow autoexecute in a fixed time everyday without KNIME Enterprise Server supporting" ? If possible, give me a simple example. thanks!

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