Run two workflow at same time


I was asking myself if there is the posibilty to run two workflows at same time and that each one of those generate the temp files in two diferent locations.


On a local pc maybe with the help of windows task manager and a knime batch script

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Why not just combine them into a single workflow?


Each one do a different thing. So i want to generate temp files on two diferents harddrive to not oversaturate one of those.


I combine several different unrelated workflow tasks into 1 master workflow all of the time. Just leave the streams separate and give it a shot. It only gets tricky if they share the same write file locations.

For the sake of offering a different (but more complicated) possibility in case you have some special use case…

You could do a dual install of KNIME by using the self extracting archive as long as you designate different workspaces. I do this since I have my main install linked to a second computer via Dropbox. The second “local” install is all sandboxed into a single folder in my documents on one of my computers. This allows me to keep both computers / workflows in sync for easy jumping back in forth on my main install, but also allows me to run “local” workflows on my second computer when I am working on 2 different workflows at the same time (typically to help with forum questions).

You need to go with this install version if you want to go in this direction - “KNIME Analytics Platform for Windows (self-extracting archive)”. I have tested this and I can in fact run both KNIME AP programs and execute workflows simultaneously. You could also schedule these separate workflows to run on separate installs simultaneously.

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