Run workflow in background


I have a workflow that takes quite some time to finish and I haven’t found a way to start the workflow, quit Knime, and let the workflow finish. I would then come back the day after and inspect the results.

I’m running Knime on a remote machine and need to disconnect my laptop when I’m leaving the office in the evening.

Is it possible to solve this somehow?

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Hi Fredrik
One solution might be to start KNIME and the respective workflow using the KNIME Batch executor from a command window on your remote machine. This would startup KNIME without the user Interface and would execute the workflow. Once it is finished you can open it up with KNIME and check the results.
Another option was developed by It is the KNIME Server Lite which allows installing a server version of KNIME on a remote machine. You can connect from your desktop KNIME to the server and upload your workflow. Once it is on the server the workflow can be executed and you can close your local KNIME while the workflow is still running.

The last option is also coming from It is KNIME Cluster Execution. This allows submitting KNIME workflows to a remote computer cluster for parallel execution. Once submitted to the cluster KNIME can be closed and disconnected as well. The good thing of this solution is that the execution performance is increased as well.

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Thank you for your answer, I actually found out about the KNIME Batch mode after I had asked the question.

A note to someone responsible for the FAQ is that the information on the batch mode is still referring to KNIME 1. something and at least I couldn’t get that to work. Instead using knime -batch worked perfectly.