Running external apps on KNIME Server?

What is the best way to run an external application that is either installed on the KNIME server or installed on it’s own server?

For example, there is a command line application built by Teradata called TDLOAD. I need to execute this command to move data between Teradata servers. Do I install this command line somehow on my KNIME server? What node would I use to execute it?

I have a few examples of different apps I would like to do this with and I could put the app on a separate server if that is better for some reason.

Hi @Austin -

You might consider the External Tool node or the Bash node in this case, depending on your operating system. There are some (relatively) recent threads on the forums showcasing examples of both.


thanks, great suggestions. We are on Windows but looks like there is support for CMD line via BASH and maybe even powershell. This might get us started.

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