Running Knime Executor 4.3 with Different Knime.ini configuration

I want to run the Knime Analytics 4.3 with different knime.ini version for different group of people in my company.

Please let me know how can i achieve this

Hello Rahul,

Obviously, if you replace the knime.ini file, it can run with different parameters, but you would need to control this via a mechanism outside of KNIME AP. We don’t have a method through which you can manage multiple knime.ini files built in to the client. It was pretty much built on the assumption that you would configure one knime.ini file and use that all the time.

Depending on your environment, you would need to employ some external solution. We can’t really offer more specific advice without knowing more about your use-case or environment. If you require confidential assistance, I recommend you message us directly at


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