Running knime workflow using a application


I am making a project to do some ETL on file place at certain location and give output file.

I have build a simple workflow which can do that but I can’t present a workflow as my project

Can I do some integration with which I can have a press of button which execute workflow or a command line in cmd

If yes could someone provide me links which I can refer to complete my project.

Hi @navi1993

with KNIME Server you have different ways how to deploy your workflow into an application. One solution would be that you build a small webportal page. This is quite easy, you just need to encaspulate your nodes in components, than each component is one webportal page. For interaction you can use the widget and javascript nodes.

The Server also comes with an REST API. This would enable you to write your own application and call the workflow via REST.

If this is just too showcase for a short project, you can use the KNIME AWS instances, we have a free 30 day trial there.

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