Running List of Variables (as they are created) plus node source (UPDATE)

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Scrap that, Ive answered the first part of my question. The second part about who is using the variables remains outstanding though.

Also any thoughts on some sort of a rolling list function. Would add another data lineage element that I think would add value.


Hi @ben_westphal ,

When you mention the who is using the variables, do you mean which nodes or do you mean which user is running the workflows and using the variables within.

As for the function part, to make sure I understand the request, you want to have an outputted list of variables created, used, and potentially in which nodes function or workflow that you can run on another workflow to gather that information?


@ben_westphal I think that is a great feature request for our new subforum. Feedback & Ideas - KNIME Community Forum

If you want feel free to post your idea here and the product team will monitor this.

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Hi zack. I meant the nodes. Essnetially I am looking for transparency. I would like to be able to see all flow variables in one place, what node created it, where it is being used. Ideally a hyperlink stright to the node. The list can be used as a mechanism to stress test the model or simply run scenrios. I am willing to share an example of what I mean so its clearer if that helps. I spent my life enforcing best practice model builds in corporate finance and there are many similarities with knime I believe. The use of variables is was core and losing track of them is not a good situation to be in. Ben


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