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Hello, good morning, I have the following problem:

  1. I present access and connection to oracle sql, where I execute a query which applies a date filter, indicating that all records must be greater than 05-15-1987.

It is stated that:
I apply a transformation to the PER_FECNAC field to a CAST date type (PER_FECNAC AS DATE) > β€˜05-15-1987’.
Evidence is attached

  1. When I pass the same statement (query) to knime, it returns an error.
    Evidence is attached.

My question, why from sql oracle I can execute the statement correctly and in knime I get an error? What am I doing wrong?

@Pedro87 your colum seems to start with a year. You might have to also cast the string date as a date?

Hello @mlauber71 thanks for the information.

In knime as in sql oracle I present the same formula
CAST(PER_FECNAC AS DATE) > β€˜15-05-1987’, where in sql oracle applies the filter correctly, but in knime it doesn’t and it runs an error. Therefore I apply and transform to date in both systems.

From what I see or understand, I must add a sql statement that I don’t know what it is or exists within knime, a configuration that I am omitting, since if it works in oracle sql, it should also work in knime since I present a connection with bases and oracle statements.

Have you considered writing it as 1987-05-15 like it would appear in any SQL system I know? It mit be that Oracle graciously assumes this order. Also you can check the driver version and maybe Google if there might be a thing that this is not supported.


I already found the solution, for my case it is solved as follows
COLUMN_NAME >= TO_DATE(β€˜15-05-1987’,β€˜DD-MM-YYYY’)

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