Running your Knime workflow on Fast machine

Is there any supercomputer or other fast machines that have Knime and allow one to run his workflow?



Hi Malik,
you can use a KNIME Cloud Platform.
Here you have all the details how to connect etc.

Cheers, Iris

Dear Iris,
thank you for sharing the link. I cannot find not enough information what I need. If you don’t mind, could you explain to me that is it possible to run a workflow in several machines and after processing then merge it for getting analysis results?
I run KNIME on my local computer and I cannot imagine how it works. If I use KNIME in many clusters. Is there something special node to run in multi-cluster?

@albireo maybe this article and video can give you further information about the capabilities of KNIME sever in that regard

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I appreciate your answer, mlauber71!

This information is helpful :slight_smile: