Runtime license for Actian Dataflow

Does Actian Dataflow extension require specific license and if so what is the procedure?

Yes, their nodes do require a special license.  You can contact Actian directly to get more information about cost etc. Have a look at:

There is a contact button on the upper righhand side. 


Actian does require a license. There is a free Express edition that includes the DataFlow extensions for KNIME plus a free version of the Vector analytics database. You can download it here: 

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Thanks Paige.

Since I am on a low bandwidth connection for next couple of days, I will access the Actian Nodes.  Will revert in case I need any further support.

Thanks Aaron too.

Dear Paige:

I haven't succeeded in creating the requisite license file after downloading the Actian Express.  

Any help will be appreciated.  I have read the readme file, etc.

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