Saerching point of interest not working for me :'(

Hello knime friends, I am working on a proyect that allows me to locate particular areas within a stipulated radius but for some reason “unknown to me” I cannot make it work. I would like to know where is the problem.
By the way (I found a stream on this topic “Geospatial Points of Interest Search Example” but I can’t get it to work in my country “Argentina”).
In my particular case I am trying to find Hospitals around a 5km radius from this latitude: -34.603610824843145 and this longitude: -58.38155967478099 . i think the CRS (Coordinate Reference System “WGS 84” ) for my country is not correct.

Hi @JJV,

I think the error is because of the “deprecated” Buffer node.
Would you replace the Buffer (deprecated) with a new Buffer node and give it another try?

I tried to change the node that you suggested, but the problem still persists, I managed to use reverse geolocation to verify the information until the geometric conversion and it is fine. I can’t think of what the problem is. Can i share you the Work flow to make it easy for us?.

Of course! Please share a simplified example which replicates the same problem you have mentioned.

Hi armin. Last night I managed to solve it, I understood that the map used by OSM contains specific “Tags” that in the particular case of my country are scarce, so the data that I suggested looking for did not exist in that geospatial context. Basically the map is not updated in my country :cry:

Btw, tnks for helping me, and sorry for my bad english


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