salesforce simple query: error SocketTimeoutException

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with Salesforce simple query node: When I execute a very simple query the node Salesforce Simple Query does not work and at the end I have this error:

Execute failed: SocketTimeoutException invoking https://…

Why I have this error?
I cannot do any query…it takes too long and at the end I have the error above.
Should I configure something?
The connection to Salesforce is fine.

Many thanks

Hi @giad

Thank you for the message

This problem only happens with the Salesforce simple query node, or does it also happen when use the normal salesforce query node?

Best wishes

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Hello! I’m new in this community.

I have a similar problem that @giad. In my case, Salesforce SOQL node give me that timeout error. When I try to use Salesforce SImple Query node and limit my query to 100 records, the node works fine.
It is important to say that happens when I connect to Salesforce Prod environment. When I do the same in Sandbox environment, I have no problem.

Is there any way to control default timeout in this Salesforce nodes? Maybe accessing to source code inside of each node.

Thank you

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