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I’m having trouble using the Salesforce extension. When I use the Salesforce Authentication node, it’s successfully able to return a Salesforce Authentication token. However, when I connect this node to the Salesforce SOQL, it fails to fetch Salesforce Objects list. I’m fairly new to this. Anyway to fix this

Hi @vkumar and welcome to the Community!

Did you execute the Salesforce Authentication node, i.e. it shows a green traffic light? Only then the Salesforce SOQL Node can fetch objects. Sometimes this takes a while.

If this does not work for you, could you please share some more information: Which KNIME Version are you working with? Is there anything that looks like an error message in the console you could share? Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the configuration of the Salesforce Authentication Node?

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Thanks a lot for the Response. Salesforce Authentication node has a green traffic light but the Salesforce SOQL says . I’m working with KNIME 4.5.1. The Salesforce SOQL Node says that it can’t fetch objects. Also, no error message in Error Log.

Hey @vkumar ,

hmm, this is strange. I assume the Salesforce Simple Query does not work either? And you can access Salesforce via Browser?

I could imagine this has something to do with the network and traffic is not allowed from outside of your company network: Or are you already in your company network, e.g. via VPN?

Would you mind sharing the knime.log file on DEBUG Level? You can activate the debug level from File → Preferences → KNIME

Please try authenticating and fetching after setting the debug level so that some logs get actually written. You’ll then find the log file either at /.metadata/knime/knime.log or from within the KNIME AP → View → Open KNIME Log.


Thanks for the help. It looks like the issue is that the API is disabled in SF.

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