Sample of redirect site (.html) after successful / failed attempt to log in to the KNIME Server?


Is the .html page that appears after successful / failed attempt to log in to the KNIME Server available for modification?

In the Server Admin guide, it is explained that customizations of the page are possible:

/instance/com.knime.explorer.server/oauth_login_success_page=<path, e.g. ${profile:location}/success.html>

Replaces the redirect site that is shown by KNIME Analytics Platform after a successful login to KNIME Server via OAuth. Note, this option is only available starting with the extension KNIME ServerSpace 4.12.1.

I would like to do a small modification, based on the .html that already exists (instead of creating a new .html file from scratch).

Is this file somewhere available in the server installation folder?


Hi misterhd,

What version of Server are you using?
Also do you have the KNIME ServerSpace extension installed?
You should be able to make the changes you need through that.

There are also customization options available in various .config and .css files to change Web Portal theming without altering the .html file.

Best Regards,

Hi Kyle_Watkins,

That’s helpful - thanks!

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