Sample testing invoices based on value intervals


I’m trying to execute a sample test that should work as follows, but I don’t really know how to start (without making it very complex).

  1. My dataset consists of invoice numbers and their respective value.
  2. The sample test requirement (set by authorities) is that for each € 100.000 the corresponding invoice number should be picked. For example, if the first € 100.000 consists of 2 invoice, both invoice 1 (starting at zero value) and invoice 2 should be picked. If if would be 4 invoices, the only the first and the fourth invoice should be picked (as those invoice touch the zero value and € 100.000. Invoice 2 and 3 are ignored as those are within the € 100.000. In case of an invoice with a value of € 100.000 it should always be picked.

What would be a ‘simple’ way to get the invoices numbers that should be checked?


Hi @robvp -

Could you possibly upload a sample, non-confidential data file? That would be motivating for our community experts to help you :slight_smile:

The sample data set would be similar to the following:

Invoice number Value
A 1000
B 95000
C 4000
D 8000
E 15000
F 500000
G 4500
H 65000
I 110000
J 500
K 45000

So invoice F and I should always be in the sample set as their value is over 100k.
The first 100k consists of invoice ABC, so one of those invoice should be in the set.
In case an invoice is part of 2 100k intervals, ideally it should only be picked in one set.

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