SAP Reader (Theobald Software) node

Hi KNIME Team,

There is an issue with the new Theobald version, regarding the column naming in KNIME (only displaying technical column names, no description), I think this has already been addressed by Theobald to Tobias Koetter.

Could you please confirm and provide an update by when this issue could be solved?


Hello Marc,
sorry for the late reply. I just had a sync meeting with Theobald. We are planning to rewrite the SAP Reader node to work together with the new KNIME destination from Theobald. This will fix the problem with the column naming.
Unfortunately the new node will not be part of the upcoming release. The plan is to release it by the end of September at the latest. The internal ticket number is AP-18940. I will keep you posted when the node is available for testing in the nightly build.


Hi Tobias,

thank you a lot for your reply!

Looking for having this solved as we are waiting for new features since already one year, without those we cannot use major of our BW Queries.


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