SAS reader 2.12 vs 3 - bug ?

Hi all,

There is a new version of the SAS reader not using any more the dsread library. Well, I have no problem when I try to load my files in the 2.12 version of this reader, but the 3 version loads very well some files but return a :

ERROR SAS7BDAT Reader 2:1 Execute failed: null in row: 0 in column: 22

for others.

I have tested of course the two knime versions with the same files.

Unfortunately, I can't send you the corresponding SAS files.

Best regards,



Hi Fabien,

I am afraid without further details it is impossible to adjust the implementation. The Parso library is based on the reverse engineered SAS7BDAT data format. The KNIME version is currently its best incarnation as I know (based on users feedback it has been improved with some more features). In case you can reproduce the bug with non-sensitive data, it would be great if you could contact the KNIME team with that file, so that the KNIME version of parso (still opensource) could handle that case too. (I am unsure whether the R versions have better support, I think the wrapped parso is more popular than the native one, but you might try that too.)

In case you could share the full stacktrace (from debug logs), that might also help fixing the problem (though an example file is probably necessary). BTW: There were some improvements in the KNIME 3.1 version of parso lib, so in case you were using the 3.0, I would suggest to try with 3.1 version too. Obviously the new commits that were made available in December 2015 (after KNIME 3.1 was released) were not integrated in the KNIME version of parso library, you might try their version too. (Which case feedback is very welcome!)

Thanks, gabor