Save as (Bug?)

Good Morning (well it is over here),


I have tried using the new "save as" feature in the file menu but I am running into problems. When I use the save as it seems to save the workflow as a workflow group in the knime explorer window, it does rename the workflow in the main knime window however. Now when I close knime after performing the save as the new workflowgroup appears in the knime explore window but I am unable to open it because it seems it is treating it as a workflow group (with no workflows under it) rather then a workflow.



Hi Andy, 

That is quite weird, the Save As works as expected for us here in house.  What OS/Java version are you using?

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Aaron Hart

Same problem here for KNIME running on a 64-Bit Windows 7 machine. Until reading andyg's initial post, I thought they were all gone, since I don't use the KNIME Explorer. Now I can see them all as Workflow Groups in the KNIME Explorer.


It seems as if these workflows cannot be imported into KNIME via Import KNIME Workflow...

OK, we found the Save as bug, and will address this issue asap.  

About importing workflows, this seems to be working fine for me also (possibly becuause I am on a mac).  Do you have any more details on the steps that you are taking when it fails? 



First I create and save a new workflow (see SaveAsTest01.PNG). Then I save this workflow under a different name. This new workflow obviously does not show up in the Workflow Projects window (that's why we are here), so I take a look into my workspace folder (what can be seen is shown in SaveAsTest02.PNG and SaveAsTest03.PNG). Now using this new folder as a root directory to import the corresponding workflow does not work (see SaveAsTest04.PNG).


The Save-As problem under Windows will be fixed for KNIME 2.9.1 coming out soon.