"Save as workflow" fails on Knime Server

I am running Knime Server 4.6 (on Ubuntu 16 LTS). If I execute a workflow on the server it generates a server-side workflow-run entry under that particular workflow. You can restore that entry into a new workflow by right-clicking and choosing “Save as Workflow”. However 90% of the time when I do this, I get an error that says:

An error occurred during save of workflow knime-server:/…/…/…: <no details>

Here, “…” represents the path on the server. In every case, it always says “<no details>” so I don’t have a any handle on what is going wrong. I can occasionally get it to work by simply trying again after waiting 30 min or so – but most of the time it doesn’t work. Is there somewhere I can look on the server to see if there are more details on this error?

In the most recent case, I had to wait 2 h before I was able to successfully “Save as workflow.” It would be great if I could perform the save right away after a workflow completes. It almost seems as though something from the workflow is still running, or resources need to be released before the save will work. I can confirm, however, that I am waiting for the icon to change from the running state (green arrows) before I try to perform the “save as workflow.”

Could you share the exact version number of the KNIME Server, normally that is visible on the WebPortal login page, or if not it can be found in the Administration tab.

Hi Jon, The Web server version is 4.6.1.

Could you share the log files with me via DM (you can use the AdminPortal to download all logs as a zip file). Also helpful to know is the time that you saw the error. If that was longer ago than 48 hours please recreate the issue and then generate the log files.

Just wanted to check in, to see whether you managed to solve the issue. If not, please send me the log files via DM and I’ll take a look at the issue.

Sorry for the delay Jon. I have switched jobs and no longer have access to the KNIME server in question.