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hallo folks,
I need your help please and i am new in knime.
Every week the sales department sends me excel sheet with sales data, this data are cleaned and prepared by me to get them in power bi. (i only need the total sales ammount by week) from the whole sheet
every other week in the same month the data are updated and appended to the same excel sheet. when a new month starts the old data are deleted and the first week of the new month is saved in the same excel sheet but all the previous data of the previous month are deleted. i need to keep the total sales ammount by weeks for the previous monthes saved in knime in a way that i dont loos them.
i please need your help

Hi @MonaLisa1991 ,
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Would it be possible for you to share a dummy file of your sales data so we can better understand?


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I usually just use the Table writer node to store the cumulative data in KNIME format. I basically read it back in, Join it with the new data, then write it back to the historical table each time. I may also have manual backups and safeguards depending on the project.

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