Save DB Query with variable values into file

Dear community, please help.

I’m automating the extraction of data from different DBs (Oracle, MS-SQL, Postrge). For that, I’m using DB connectors and DB Query Reader, where I pass necessary parameters with variables, like:

where date_of_receiving >= ‘$${SStartDate}$$’
and date_of_receiving < ‘$${SStartDateNextMonth}$$’

At the end of the process I need not only the query results but also the text of the query itself (because it is dynamic and every time updates), like:

where date_of_receiving >= ‘2020-12-01’
and date_of_receiving < ‘2021-01-01’

Can you recommend, what is the best way to get such a result?

Hello @alex_never,

looking for DB Query Extractor node?



Wow, that was actually very straightforward )

Thanks, Ivan.

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