Save Excel on SharePoint with Date&Time information

Can you please share that
how you append sheet in to the excel file with current Time

I am currently manually executing 1 workflow 3 times in a day as we don’t have KNIME server yet

so I want 1 file named with current date & 3 sheet I want to append with the current time

& want these on sharepoint .

I don’t want to do these activity on local system , I want this on Sharepoint

It is okay if 1st we store on the local system, & then on the Sharepoint the file will get updated 3 times in a day

Looking for your replay :blush:
Thanks in advance :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Hello @parita,

have you had any progress with your task? You can directly work with SharePoint as with your local system with new file handling framework. See here for more on about that:

For getting current Date(&Time) you can use Date&Time Configuration node.

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Hi parita,
you can also use the new functions in the column expression node to generate the file and sheet names. Have a look at this example workflow that demonstrates the usage in order to write an Excel file to SharePoint with the current date that contains three sheets with the current time in their name.



Yes It Works.
Thank you so much . :grin:

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