save knime streams in previous versions

Hello people.
I have KNIME 4.2 and I need to export a stream to be opened in KNIME 4.1.3. Is there a possibility to export a stream to previous versions?

Hello @knimefalconi,

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You mean you would like to create a workflow with 4.2, export it and then use it in 4.1.3?


Hi @knimefalconi and welcome to the KNIME forum,

Yes, it is possible. But if any of the new nodes or features are used in the workflow then it won’t work in the previous version. Anyway, when loading the new workflow to the older version of KNIME, a warning message appears, then you can click the “Load Anyway” button.



Yes that’s right. I want to create in 4.2 and open in 4.1.3.

can i just open in the previous version? Don’t have an option to save as a specific version?

Hi @knimefalconi,

there is no option to save as specific version. You can simply open workflow created in newer version with old version but as @armingrudd said if you have used any of new nodes of functionalities in it the will not be available. (KNIME guarantees backward compatibility but no forward compatibility.)



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