Save to S3?

I like the new node in which I can read files from S3. Can someone help me save a file to S3?



There is an example workflow available at: knime://EXAMPLES/01_Data_Access/06_ZIP_and_Remote_Files/01_Amazon_S3_Remote_File_Example

The workflow shows how to read, write and delete files from S3.



Thanks Jon!

Hi, this does not answer the question of how to write a table to an S3 bucket, but rather how to upload a file. Is there a way to have KNIME upload the workflow results directly to S3?

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Well it answers the question asked I believe :slight_smile:

Now to answer your question - don’t think so. What is your reason for not saving results to a file and then uploading using Upload node? Lot of data?


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Hi, the idea was that it would reduce complexity (timing of write/upload, deleting files after done etc.) but I found that using the temp dir node alleviates some of these problems.