Save workflow to existing excel file

Hi there,

I am using a file on Powerbi that needs to be updated every week so to have my weekly sales.
I created my workflow on Knime which is perfect now. However, I want to add the workflow from Knime, (so the final datas) to my previous excel file.
Is there a way to keep the exact same file as used in powerbi?
because if its changing, i need to do my powerbi presentation again.

Thanks for your help

Hallo @ConstantD,

I’m not a PowerBI expert, but just to be sure that I understood you correctly. You are reading in data from an Excel file and analysing this data with KNIME and the resulting data should then be written into the exact Excel file from the beginning? And this Excel File is then used for PowerBI. Does the Excel file have a particular format? If not, can’t you just overwrite the first Excel file?


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Would agree with janina. Just make sure your column headers are the same otherwise Power BI will complain.

no particular format. But whenever you use a file on powerbi, you have to keep the same. And eventhough I managed to have a consistent workflow on Knime, it just saves on another file mais do not “update” the original one.

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