Save Workflow without username password

please excuse my „stupid“(?) question:
i want to save my Workflow in a public company folder. But i don‘t want to publish my username and password of the Database connector node.
How can i handle this? Is there a way to seperate username and password ?

Thanks in Advance

Hi Trak,

That’s not a stupid question, but fortunately, it’s easy to solve :slight_smile:

Please see the attached example, it uses a Credentials Input quickform inside a wrapped metanode. You can enter your credentials by just double-clicking the metanode. Then in your database connector, you only select “use credentials”, then select credentials-input from the dropdown. That’s it!

If you reset the workflow before you export it, the credentials will not be saved.

Hope that helps!


credentialsExample.knwf (426.4 KB)