saving and executing problems, workspace and thread issue


recently i get to a point that i can't save my workflows or excute nodes, because there is not enough thread, whin i close and try to reopen Knime again, it give me an error message:

"workspace in use or can't be created, chose a different one".


why i got to this ? how can i avoid it? 

I did increase the java heap already, does it related?


Any solutions?




1. Can you state your computer specifications for reference, please?

2. If KNIME has suddenly crashed there might still be java instances running in the background. If you use Windows just open up Task Manager and close everything starting with knime.exe or java.

3. This might not be connected to your specific problem, but for faster workflow execution (if your CPU has a large number of cores) you can set maximum working threads for all nodes in Preferences->KNIME (default is 16).



Thank you for your answer.

1. i attached a photo of the system!

2. that's work, thx.

3.i tried to change it, it dosn't change the situation!

Did you manage to run KNIME now, or not?

If yes (it opens) and you still can't run workflows or save them, try to do this:

  • close KNIME
  • rename workspace directory to something else (eg. workspace_old)
  • run KNIME
  • point to new workspace (eg. workspace)
  • you will get fresh and empty workspace
  • try to create a new workflow and run it
  • if it works, close KNIME and copy project folders on the file system of the old workspace to new workspace (one by one). Maybe one of the workflows got corrupted. It happened to me just two days ago (KNIME didn't finish loading).


the problem that it gets stuck, and then i can't proceed excuting or even save the cuurent workflow, so i forced to quite and renter again.


does it related to my system? is there something that i can do to avoid it??