Saving BIRT Report to a file during scheduled execution

Hello everyone,

I am new to the Knime Server. When executing a Job on the server, I can choose to have the report attached to the mail notification. However, this is not our preferred way to do this because

a) of confidentiality restrictions that forbid sensitive data to be sent in an email

b) We want to have a report folder in a file system that holds all reports for a given project as a kind of reporting archive.

Is there any way to specify a file output for the report when remotely executing jobs?



Thanks - that's an interesting solution!

We've solved this by calling the actual report-generating workflow from a scheduling workflow using the report batch executor from the command line - this also allows for much nicer emails in addition to report archiving.


Hello Steve,

actually this is a solution I use too. Using a KNIME workflow to schedule/run KNIME workflows is way more powerful than using the KNIME scheduler in many use cases. Good to know Im not the only one thinking that way.

Perhaps a "Run KNIME"-node would make sense to "officially" establish this approach.

Hi Dennis,

the KNIME team helped me with this before - this is the solution they gave me (to put instead of an email adress):


This is for a linux server. /{ext} (e.g. for pdf) stands for a folder in this case. In my cases most of the time something like this (to overwrite the old report) is enough: