Saving changes made in Javascript Table Editor Node on changing Input Data

Hi everyone,

i currently need to save changes made in a Javascript Table Editor. I know the functionalilty “Save as new default” in the node itself. These changes however are still reset whenever a input file changes.

What I need to find is a way to keep these changes even if the input files change.

I created a way of saving an excel file whenever a change has been made in the table editors. The columns FPL_MIN and FPL_MAX can be changed to whatever value. The last component checks for changes and either saves an excel file to a folder called Temp in the current Workspace if changes have been made or throws an error when no changes have been made (and does not create an excel file).

ExampleWorkflowSavingFiles.knwf (168.0 KB)

Now the thing I cant get my head around is how to proceed with this information.
The guy I create this workflow for does not want to add more complexity by having to select the correct Excel file for the next steps in the workflow so my solution does not work for him.

I need to find a way to save changes in these Table Editors even when the input files change somehow.

Thank you all and have a nice day!

Hi @TimoW,

So you want to make an initial change to row values (in the Javascript Table Editor) and then include that same row in your data even if the input file changes in the future, is that correct?

How often do you believe that you’ll need to edit the saved changes in the Table Editors after the first time you have used the Javascript Table Editor and have saved the changes you initially made?


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