Saving image generated in a view



Is it possible to save an image generated in view of a node within a loop? For example if I generate a ROC curve how can I save the graph? KNIME only appears to be able to save images from a column or an image port?

Another example would be the graph generated in the view of the 2D/3D scatterplot from Erl Wood. 





You can do it manually via File->Export... Automatically it's currently only possible for nodes that have an view output port.

Thanks, I will have to tweak the way I do things in a loop but that's not a big deal. 




I have a loop of 100 iterations generating 4 roc curves each and I want to export those 400 curves. Is this possible? Roc Curve has no image port, the image is only accessible through 'view'. How can I do? I won't pause my loop and click on file -> export png 4 times on each 100 iterations.



Hi Dan,

I had a similar issue with heatmaps.
In my case it worked to use the Image To Table Node then I concatinated the two heatmaps generated in each loop and after exiting the loop I used the the Image Writer Node to save the images.

Hope that helps.