Saving multiple report to pdf


I have a WF which needs to generate a report for each client in the file.
This generation is done with a Loop.

Now I’m using a Call Local Workflow node to generate a PDF from this report. But only the last report (the last loop step) is saved.

Is there any way to save it at each step of the loop ? Or do I need to do this loop before the Call Local Workflow ?

Thanks for the support.


Hi Jerome,

I talked a bit about how we do this at the London KNIME User Day back in June 2013 - my slides are at

(NB This predates the ‘Call Local Workflow’ node hence we did some hacking around to create a command line command to run the second workflow)

Is your report generated by the WF called by the Call Local Workflow node?

I know we have a workflow on our KNIME server which does this - I will take a look later and attempt to create some sort of slimmed-down non-confidential working example



Hello Steve,

Thanks for your answer. We have as well some running reports on our server. The point is that I need a version working on a workstation.

All the reports are generated by the called WF yes.
But only the last generated one is saved when using the Call Local Workflow node.

The other way to do it is to create the loop before the node Call Local Workflow, and send the data for the report as a parameter in order to generate the report. But then I need to change my worklfows… That’s why I was wondering if there were another options :wink:


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