Saving the output of Association Rule Learner with items included


I have a dataset on which I applied the Association Rule Learner node and the output is fine. However, when trying to save the output to an xls using XLS Writed node the resulting Excel file does not contain the items. By items I mean the last column in the output of the Association Learner which are in the form of [1], [1,2,3], [1,2,3,4] for example. Any suggestion on how to include the items in the Excel file? I tried to include it using the manual option but it kept ignoring them


Looks like from your description [1], [1,2,3], [1,2,3,4] the last column is a list. That is, it is an array of multiple values. It is therefore not an excel recognisable data type for an excel cell. 

You can use an "Split Collection Column" node to separate the list into multiple columns. These will have the column names "Split Value 1", "Split Value 2", and so on.

You can output this to Excel. It will produce multiple columns. 

If you want to have one column, then you can use a "Column Aggregator" node and use a wild card selection "Split Value *" to gather all the split out columns and concatenate into a string. 



Dear David, 

Thank you very you suggestion. I tried it and it worked pretty good, I think I resolved the problem since what I wanted was to make the data show up in the Excel file