Saving warnings

Its finally got to me..


I cant take all these pop up warnings any more when I come to save a workflow.

About nodes still executing, are you sure you want to save, even when the nodes which are running are in a different workflow to the one being saved.

Is there a setting to turn off these warnings?

I'd even like to disable this warning even if the nodes running are in the workflow I am saving. I dont care, I just want to save the workflow.



Hi Simon,

I know what you mean. You can disable the warnings via the KNIME GUI section of the preferences dialog. To do so open KNIME and go to File->Preferences. In the Preferences dialog go to KNIME->KNIME GUI and unselect all Confirm ... options at the top of the dialog. You can also set the option to "Execute upstream nodes" to always if you want.



However, this does not help against all the warnings appearing when you export a workflow. When you have another long-running workflow in the background at the same time, the "Do you really want to exit" warnings can be a bit scary, especially since there is no obvious reason for them to appear. And since nothing will be exited. But then how often do you export workflows...