Scatterplot in new report / Component View is fine, Graph in Report is weird

Dear all,

I am playing with the new reporting capabilities of KNIME and have observed a strange behavior.

The attached workflow is a simple example.

If one set the number of rows in the scatterplot equal or below 2500, the component view and the pdf report show the same graph.
If one increases the number of rows to a value higher than 2500, the component view is still fine, but the report is weird.

Please see the attached reports of n=2500 and n=3000.

Have I overseen something?

Best regards & thank you,


I am using KNIME AP 5.1.1 on a Win11 with 16 GB RAM; Max RAM for KNIME 8 GB
The behavior is independent of the user interface (classical vs new)

PS2: Dear KNIME team,
it is always a pleasure to see the progress of KNIME…

report_2500.pdf (363.5 KB)
report_3000.pdf (128.7 KB)
Report with Scatterplot.knwf (634.9 KB)

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Hello Juergen,

Thank you for trying out the new feature and bringing it to our attention. I’ve created a ticket for internal reference: UIEXT-1443.



Thank you very much Keerthan!

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