Scheduled workflow remote execution - suggested improvements


I wanted to put forward some suggestions for possible improvements to server workflow execution:

  1. Notification Settings area
    1. Inclusion of cc and bcc text entry boxes
    2. Inclusion of an optional 'Subject' box that can over-ride the default completion status + job name
    3. Inclusion of an optional 'Message body' multi-line text entry box.
    4. Inclusion of a 'Workflow messages' checkbox (default 'on') that adds the current content of the message body (ie the completion status and the log messages) to the body of the message defined above
    5. 'Report formats to include' subsection - addition of a checkbox (default 'off') "Embed HTML" that will automatically embed the report as an HTML table into the body of the email (below the items controlled by points 3 and 4 above. This is the piece that would be *really* useful (but I realise it is also probably the most difficult one to get right!). To be clear, this should be 'as well as' not 'instead of' any chosen attached reports
  2. Exposure of the schedule parameters to the workflow when it is called? This would allow a workflow to change the settings in date/time nodes to match any changes in scheduling - without having to edit the workflow. Eg if I was running a scheduled worklfow that reads a logfile and then filters down to only the entries since the last run this would now be trivial.
  3. Add the ability to "Modify Schedule..." as well as just "Show Schedule Info..." for existing scheduled workflows.

Kind regards


Hi James,

I've captured 1 and 3 in our issue tracking system but need a bit more info on how you forsee item 2 working out. Would you want just the current timestamp for the scheduled execution, or would you want the details of the schedule as well (start date and increment) as well?

As always, great feedback and thanks for posting.



Hi Aaron,

I think that having all of start_date, increment, next_run would cover every eventuality!



Ok, got it.