Scheduling a regular update


I have created various transformation in KNIME. A Scheduler has to be assigned to update the data at a specified interval. Could anyone please help me to create schedule.

This is how I do it on Windows.

Create a .bat file and schedule it as a Windows service.  This is an example of what goes into the .bat file:

"C:\Program Files\KNIME\knime.exe" -nosave -consoleLog -noexit -nosplash -reset -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION -preferences="C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\KNIME_Preferences.epf" -workflowDir="C:\Users\Administrator\knime-workspace\YOUR PROJECT"

Some notes:

1.  I found that -reset was needed to write my data to files.  Otherwise, the workflow would run but nothing would output.

2.  For some reason I needed to export KNIME's preferences file and point to it using -preferences.  On other computers I have used this was not neccesary.

3.  This gives a good overview of batch mode on page 27:

4.  If you have workflow variables, they can be changed in the above command.  The syntax is slightly tricky though, so let me know if you need help with that or search the KNIME user forums.  I don't have any examples with me at the moment.




You probably need to reset to be able to write the files because when the workflow finishes running it is in an executed state, the next time you run it there isn't anything to do. 

Without access to the KNIME server functionality Brian's method is the way to go. 




Not sure if this thread is still active but I'm having trouble getting my batch script to run a knime job on Windows.

I get a java exit code 3 and a message that says "Failed to load class org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder" and then a bunch of other error messages that seem to follow on from that one or are related to me using a workflow variable... 

Is there something specific I need to include in my batch file to use the workflow variable I created in my KNIME job?