Schrodinger Extensions can not be installed

I need to download Schrödinger Extensions form Schrödinger Extensions for KNIME – KNIME Community Hub

But I get error:
Could not query updates site for missing extensions

No repository found at Schrödinger Extensions for KNIME – KNIME Community Hub.

Please could you provide me more details how shloud I download it? I´m using version 5.1.0

Many thanks

Hi @mipo1023,

The Schrödinger Extension seems to be not ready for KNIME 5.1. NodePit lists the extension as available for latest KNIME 4.7. The Schrödinger Knowledge Base seems to confirm this observation.

Pretty sure @Schroedinger can give an ETA for KNIME 5.1 support?

Best regards,

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Our Suite 2023-3 is going to be released very soon, probably this week, and it’s compatible with KNIME 5.1. You can check the version compatibility on this page: Support.
See the directions to install our extension: Support. The zipped update site is available in the Schrodinger installation under $SCHRODINGER/knime-/data directory.
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