Screenshot of specific part of website

Hi Philipp,

i just wanted to ask you if ther are any plans to implement a functionality to take a screenshot of a specific part of the website. Not the whole page.

Thanks :-)

No, but if you are on Windows, the Snipping Tool is very convenient for this.

Could you perhaps use a web screen shot service accessible via REST APIs? For example:



with the Selenium nodes I would probably try the following:

  1. make a screenshot of the entire browser window using the "Take Screenshot" node,
  2. get the coordinates and bounds of the element for which you need the screenshot (you can use the "Find Elements" node for that, and enable the "Append additional WebElement information" option in the node's configuration),
  3. use the image processing nodes to crop the entire screenshot to the interesting parts by using the results from 2)

Haven't tried it, but looks doable in theory :) Let me know, if you succeed.


Hi Philipp,

thank you for your idea. It took some time till i figured out how to use the image cropper node. But it works fine now.


Great to hear it worked and thanks for the feedback!