Scripting R vs R Scripting at Community Nodes

Hi Knimers?

What is the difference between work with the nodes at the Scripting R and the R Scripting nodes at Community Nodes?

Another question: Is there any difference in the integration between Knime and R now? (Looks like that is not necessary to use Rserver, etc.)




Hi Fabio,

the community nodes were developed at a time when the KNIME R integration was very limited.

The main difference existing today is that the community nodes allow to provide templates with a GUI user interface. The advantage is, that people having no clue of R still can to use its power by configuring the R nodes like any other KNIME node.

With the KNIME R integration this is also possible if people share configurable metanodes with R nodes inside.

Another advantage is that the community nodes do not require any R installation on your computer. Instead a remote server can be used.

The KNIME R integration on the other hand is much more R-scripting friendly that the community nodes are. So R developers will like them probably more.

I don't know if I forgot something...

Hi Niederle!

Thank you!

I'm not so good in R yet but I'm planning to improve my knowledge in coding. Can you recommend a blog/site where I can follow some steps on how use R in Knime?

Tks again for your support 

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