sdf reader can not show structure

I used the SDF Reader to read a sdf file, but today it can not show the structures. I don't konw why?

I assume it's worked previously?


The rendered need to load to be able to display the structure. Do you have the node tree view open? If the workspace is maximised when you load KNIME the renders don't load properly.



Thanks for your reply.

It's worked previously. When I connect "Molecule to RDKit", I can see the structure of RDKit Molecule. But in the node of SDF Reader I only can see "Molecule"which show the structure before. Can you help me solve the problem?



Ah, you haven't installed all the necessary plugins in that case. 

From the main install site ( you need:

  • KNIME Base Chemistry Types & Nodes
  • KNIME Chemistry Add-Ons
  • Chemaxon/Infocom Marvin Extensions Feature


Having these should render most structures, and CDK, RDKit and Indigo will render their own. 





Hi, Sam.

Thanks for youe reply. I solve the problem. I delet the extention of Schrodinger which I installed yestday, then the SDF Reader worked again. Maybe I did not install the Schrodinger's extention correctly.

         Thank you very much