Search and detect row that has number in the string and split the row to new rol

Hi. I want to split the row that has number in the string.

Let say we have string “101, taman melawati”, so after detect there is number then split to new column.

The other one, if we detect certain value in that column, then split to new column.

Appreciate if you guys can help me. Im the beginner of KNIME.


Hello @AmaniAli,

welcome to KNIME Community!

Can you share a bit more about what kind of values can appear in column you would like to split? And in case there is no match what value should be in new column? Missing value or fixed value or? From experience dummy data input with desired output is usually a best way to get help/ideas/solutions :wink:


I think a regex would do the job. Maybe you want to share an example as Ivan pointed out

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