Search for name in a string and attach tags

Dear All,  

I was trying to process a list of key word(about 10,000 rows) and want to attach tags by brands (about over 100 brands). In below table, key word is what I have and "brand" is the tag I want to attach. I'm using rule engine right now like "$Key Word$ LIKE "H&S" => "H&S", but there are too many brand for me to type in one by one. I'm looking for a more efficient way to do that. Any one can help? Thanks in advance!!!

Key Word Brand
H&S Shampoo H&S
H&S Conditioner H&S
Pantene Shampoo Pantene
Body Wash
Pantene Pantene
Head & Shoulder H&S

Hi Bingjin, 

you can create a dictionary on a Table Creator node (or to use a file prepared beforehand), duplicate the column Key Word column with a Rule Engine node and replace the values in the duplicated column with a Cell Replacer node. 


Please find attached a sample workflow.