Search for Node: Viewport Position is Inaccurate when the Workflow is Zoomed In or Out

I’ve noticed a great feature today: Searching for a Node. It solves an issue I face quite often. I usually read a warning in the Console log about what’s wrong with a particular node:
2020-08-14 14:08:03,098 WARN GroupBy 0:732 No aggregation column defined
(Yes I have timestamp added to log-entry-pattern. I couldn’t live without it).
If my workflow looks like as follows:

(But just at the design time, I always make it more beautiful when it starts doing more less what it is supposed to).
It is hard to figure out which node is the GroupBy 0:732 one. Now it appears pretty cool having an option to search for it! And this is the feature I’ve learned about today. You just hit Ctrl+F in the main editor window. It brings a dialog where you type Node identifier (732 in my case). This shows the node you’re interested in. Now you can double-click the node and… Yes, it makes the node focused (so you can configure and fix it by hitting F6 key) but the viewport is moved the right way only when the actual zoom is 100%. Otherwise, the node is somewhere but in front of your eyes.
Well just a detail, I know. But the feature is very helpful.

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Hi @jan_lender,

and CTRL+G jumps to next node in case your search returns multiple nodes :wink:


Hi @jan_lender -

Thanks for the detailed feedback! There is a ticket for this bug in the system (AP-14299). I’ve just added another +1 on it.


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