Search within (and across) Knime Workflows


We're currently using the Free edition of Knime platform v3.2.1. Is there a way to search a Workspace for a particualr NodeName, Node ID or other metadata related to a node?

I see the Knime Explorer has a a Search field that searches within all the workflow names, but I don't see any advanced search which can be used to query the metadata for specific nodes within a Workflow.

I think this would be a really useful feature to have when you have a sizable number of workflows.



It's not exactly what you were looking for, but you can do this from a knime workflow (well, why not!).  A basic example is attached, which looks at the settings.xml file for each node, and the knime.workflow file for each workflow and metanode.  It uses the Vernalis 'Load text-based files' node (from the community plugin)


Thanks Steve. I'll give this a try. Really wish this could be baked into the product in a future release.



Very useful, thanks for sharing! Agree with José that integration would be nice indeed.


Thanks folks!  Yes, I entirely agree.  For me, it is a sign of desperation when one starts to use XPath, particularly on the model-type XML which knime uses for node settings and workflows!

I suppose one could set up this workflow to database results, and then run automatically at regular intervals.

Incidentally, I used this approach originally to track where I had particular JPython function and Java Snippets, and more latterly to analyse database connections - the snippet / function code, database connection/SQL statements are all in the settings.xml if you have the will to 'do' the relevant XPATH.


It took a while to locate, but there is a search feature!
[1] View Menu > Other
[2] type in ‘search’
[3] Activate the Search view
[4] In the newly opened Search panel, you should see “No search results…” ; click on “search dialog”
[5] Perform your search!
[6] To create a new search, you have to clear search history or Add new search (see attached image, red circle - drop down to add / clear history)search_view


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