Search Workspace Across Workflows

KNIME Version: 4.5.1
OS: Windows 10 Enterprise

I can no longer find the Search Dialog or any other search features that used to be available in KNIME. KNIME states there are no search extensions plugged in to workbench, but I can’t find any extension relating to searching workflows.

Question: How do I search across workflows now?

This used to work: Search within (and across) Knime Workflows

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Hi @davekalpak,

thanks for adding structure and software versions to your question :slight_smile:

I’m afraid we did indeed remove that search plugin with version 4.5, as we’ve been having issues with it and it wasn’t commonly used.

What have you been using it for in the past? We’re currently working on a newer user interface; maybe I can forward your feedback to our UI/UX team. :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Hi @marvin.kickuth,

Thank you for the context!
Indeed, this particular search capability isn’t something I often use - but it does come in handy when I need to search for a needle in the haystack of workflows in my workspace.

Example: If business logic changes and I need to find all of the workflows that need to be updated; I would search a particular pattern (e.g. in Rule Engines or SQL queries) across many workflows in order to find which workflows (and which nodes) need to be updated.

Alternative Solution: I was able to accomplish what I needed using grep (MINGW or WSL for Windows) on the workspace (thanks to the way KNIME workflows are stored!).

Not an urgent need, there is a work-around.

Thank you!


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