Searching for the best Options


is it possible to tell Knime to search for best options of a node. I don't want to manually try 100 options...

Maybe something like the Cross Validation Node but with a table input for the various options to use?

Hi Michael,


have you already tried the KNIME Looping Nodes?

They are on default hided and you have to activate the KNIME expert mode and than you can for example use the Table Row to Variable Loop Start. With a table containing the different configurations you would like to try.

You can set variables to flow variables, which are created in the loop in the flow variables tab.

There is also an example Workflow on the Example workflow server, which is using this looping for k-means. (Flow Nr. 011003)


Best, Iris


Expert mode is what I was looking for yes Thank you very much!


If someone is interested in Flow variables, i wrote down my experiences: